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Re: I had a dream!

Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
Just yesterday morning I woke up from an aikido dream and the last thing I remember of it was me saying, "I really like her, she is fun to bounce around." Not sure who "her" was.
Coincidentally I had a dream last night about a kid (okay, young woman -- I guess I'm not a teenager any more myself) who used to assist me in my advanced kids class. She was in her early 20's. Lovely lady from Thailand, very smart, very quiet, very talented. She had become good enough at her ukemi that I could call her up without telling her a thing, have her attack, then move in to even advanced throws and she'd manage the ukemi. But I always knew when I surprised her -- she'd squeak when she took the fall. It was some sort of involuntary noise she'd make as she bounced through the ukemi.

Fortunately for her (and unfortunately for me) she managed to get in to a really prestigious art school out east. So she's no longer with us. But last night I had a dream. I was demonstrating some techniques and every time I'd throw someone they'd sound just like a dog squeak toy was being squeezed. I woke up and there was one of my dogs happily staring at me with his favorite squeak toy in his mouth.

Just kinda interesting... Dreams and all that.

For those of you with Netflix streaming accounts, there is a pretty good Nova documentary on Dreams on the streaming. Not too long and geared towards general audiences. Good stuff. Ah, heck, let me look it up... Hold on...

Okay, here's the exact title: What Are Dreams?: Nova

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