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Mario Tobias
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Re: Being ready

Hi Jamie,

Just enjoy the test. Examiners would normally look for crisp, clear movements for entries and techniques and you need to show why techniques can be done.

In general, all aikido techniques can be broken down into 3 major movements.

1. The first being off-the-line/taking uke's balance
2. The technique itself
3. The takedown

The first is the most important of the 3 while the takedown is just a bonus. To put it simply, if you can't take uke's balance during entry, you can't do the technique or will do the technique forcefully. If you can't do the technique, you cant do the takedown properly.

Just be conscious of these 3 when you are doing techniques and show your examiner the 3 distinct parts of the technique no matter what it is. Good luck.
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