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Jun Akiyama (akiy) wrote:
I've gone to aikido seminars sans hakama and wearing a white belt. Result? (1)

2) The people who gave me the hardest time...were the brown belted practitioners (1st/2nd kyu).

3) I noticed I didn't have the same kind of issues with higher ranked folks;

1) Wait! Don't tell me...

2) You told!

3) Really?

How interesting would be a seminar with no colors! No one would know who should be taking UKEMI!

It's not just aikido, though. There was a sociology experiment once which consisted of telling the admitting desk and a mental institution that they were going to be observed. That alone was enough to drastically change the number of admittances (can't recall, however, if it was up or down.)

I had a depressing experience once. A talented youth came to the dojo and dismissively walked around my best technique. That technique had thrown ogres and bears in my dojo. He all but sniffed.

That's not the worst part. At a seminar, Patty Saotome called me up for UKEMI a couple of times meaning that I was at least recognizable for something (if not my technique). I met the same youth on the mat that day and then a simple flick of the wrist put him onto his back faster than Monica next to a humidor.

I'm left having to wonder not just why they don't fall down, but--dammit!--why they do...

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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