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David Yap
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Re: Questions on Yoshokai Aikido

Mike Routen wrote: View Post
...Can anyone here tell me if the Yoshokai style smooths out as one progresses? Or does it continue to have the stop-and-go type of movements?
Hi Mike,

Yoshokai is an off-shoot of Yoshinkan Aikido.
The founder, Takashi Kushida shihan, together with Kyoichi Inoue shihan were formulators of the present Yoshinkan syllables. According to Inoue shihan (in his interview with Aikido Journal), when the sllyables were first formulated, it was expected that the waza should smooth out when one reaches 1st Kyu but present expectation is 3rd dan.

Yoshinkan practitioners please correct me if I am wrong.

David Y
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