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Re: Questions on Yoshokai Aikido

I'm not sure about Yoshinkai but I'll talk about Yoshinkan for a minute.

I've never done Yoshinkan but from what I've seen and heard, they work from the theory that in order to develop 'aiki' and free flowing movements, you need to get all the basic movements absolutely correct first. That means a lot of starting and stopping and doing techniques to a count. It seems like a good way to do it if you are patient and have a logical and ordered mind, but if you are like me and want to jump ahead to the good stuff, you might find it a bit frustrating. When you get to a very high level, it tends to look quite similar to some Aikikai aikido, but it will take many years to get to that stage. In the mean time you will most likely be doing techniques to a count.

They also seem to require very good ukemi, but the upside of this is that they will most likely teach you how to do it, and it is a valuable skill to have.
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