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Perhaps its a Ki Society thing, but I have not seen much of this "new yudansha syndrome" in the Ki Soc dojo I've been to. When I was at Towsontown Ki Society, just outside of Baltimore, MD, the only Yudansha we had for the most part was our sensei. He was Nidan, I think...His rank never came up.

We were a small group for the most part, numbering less than 20 and we all practiced together: It did not matter if you just started that night or had been there for several years. We all helped each other. In this sense we were all teacher-students. I feel that gave me more of a sense of confidence and competence in the techniques.

IMHO, Aikido is not about the size of your head (or anything else . Nor is it about the color of your belt. It is about ... Oversimplified, but I think you all know what I mean.

I recall a sign on a dojo door (I think there is a picture of it in Tom Crum's book The Magic of Conflict or in Zen in the Martial Arts , the author of which escapes me right now) which says "leave your sandles and your ego at the door."

Practice with all who come to practice, you don't know who your next teacher will be. That's my advice.

Happy Shugyo,

John B. Davis
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