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Allen Beebe
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I had a dream!

I had a dream . . .

I had a dream today. Okay, I was sick and it was a fever dream, but it was cool none the less so I'd like to share it.

It was a rather large Aikido seminar. I was dressed all wrong, blue gi and blue hakama, with a kaku obi (I like that best!) and Howie was teaching (okay Daito Ryu . . . but it is all the same to me, okay?). I had forgotten my bokken, and Howie called for a shinken (What the h*ll was Howie calling for a shniken for anyway? He doesn't claim to do ken????) My mekugi had fallen out and my Ken was rendered inoperable. I was collecting the pieces in a plastic bag, YES, a plastic bag. Everything was for **** and I was ready to pack it in. I was wrapping up my stuff and some Japnaese guy walked by, he looked like somebody I knew from the side but that was just too improbable, after all it has been over 20 years. Then he turned, I looked and pointed in disbelief. It was Nakajima, and he hadn't changed a bit. He looked at me and I said in Japanese, "Its been a long time!" He looked at me and said (in English), I've been working on getting back your way . . we bowed to each other and I had that strange feeling of forcing 20+ years of emotion into a single bow. And we talked about Aikido. I looked around the dojo at some pretty weird (dream like stuff) and had to say (In Japanese) I think we we may be entering the final era of Aikido! Then his daughter appeared said, "Papa you said you promised you'd come!" She was pregnant, and I realized this was his daughter of 20+ years (actually I think he has a son in reality . . . but it's a dream!) and he had to go, but we would get together again . . . and I awoke in a sweat.

I know, I know, it was just a dream, but it was a GOOD dream! I can't express just how happy I was to see Nakajima after such a long time. And we were both Aikido nuts! Both had changed, but both remained the same. I know I said that it seemed we were entering the final era of Aikido, but my dream felt hopeful like the dawning of a new age.

Well, it was a dream, but as I said, it was a GOOD dream. Let's hear it for the dreamers of the world! I have the sneaking suspicion that they keep the "world" turning!!!

I for one, as testified by my dream, am truly grateful to those that were a bit crazy and tried to pass on their dream to me.

Thanks Nakajima!

Thanks fellow dreamers!!

(Thanks Jun for the venue in which to share )

~ Allen Beebe
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