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Re: Why so many Haters of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido?

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That's just an ignorant post.

"Can't fight well." Since when was budo training about producing "fighters"? Anyone with a brain can see that there are better methods if you want to kick other people's asses. The Japanese and Chinese worked out that training just for ass kicking is juvenile years ago. "budo" doesn't even mean "martial art"!

"Can't handle physical stresses well?" There was a huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan a few moths ago. Thousands died. Hundreds of thousands have been left destitute in unimaginably harsh conditions. I'd say that would cause some physical stress. Exactly the sort of "budo" training that you dismiss as producing "sucky martial artists" have helped many of them to cope with difficulty most of us will never experience, (please God).

One thing that Budo training should inculculate is some tact and respect for other people.

Thought I would point out that I was answering a question about effectiveness. To which, I got a response calling me essentially; ignorant, lack of a brain, juvenile, and lacking tact and respect for other people.
I don't mind, but while I was on point, you and your tone, pretty much defeats your own position.
I would also point out that contrary to many detractors; I publicly and privately support the founding of the ki aikido movement and the very real skills of Tohei, if not the mess we have made out of it and most other Asian arts. The lack of real skill in Ki and aiki in so many modern adepts is the cause and reason for the questions in thread in the first place, is it not? If on the other hand you want me to applaud all efforts as equal and give everyone an "A," than yes, you are talking to the wrong guy.
Hopefully that will change

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