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Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
Hello Tim,

Did you know that Masatake Fujita and Minoru Kanetsuka have a sempai / kohai relationship based on their membership of the Aikido club at Takushoku University? Gozo Shioda was the shihan at this university and I believe that Tanaka Shigeho was also a student.

I remember a grading examination in Holland, way back when Mr Bacas was active. M Kanetsuka (MK) was examining the kyu grade students, but M Fujita (MF), as the visiting shihan, had to be present at the tests. The morning kyu tests took for ages as MK went through the book. MF actually had knee problems and began to complain (to me, kneeling right beside him) about the time this was taking. In the afternoon MF held the dan examinations and everything was finished in about ten minutes.

Nothing was ever stated about the difference.

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I am very sorry for misprinting his name, Fujita Sensei.
Never knew this relationship. My nephew practised in the Kanetsuka lineage for a few years before I started Aikido. Actually it was because of my nephew I started Aikido in the first place. I had only had a handful (literally!) of lessons and went to summerschool (bought my first Gi there). Afterwards I found my way to the Tamura lineage by matter of chance (nearest teacher was in this lineage).

This was really decades ago. Must have been late eighties I guess. Yup, been fiddling around with Aikido that long already...still know nothing. DeDobbelear was also there. I remember him on the dance floor doing all kind of techniques like a dance, wonderful!

There was no statement on difference, they had a bit of fun isall.

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