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Re: How do Akikai Aikido students learn about KI?

John Davis wrote: View Post
You were at a class or a practice session and it sounds like there were a lot of beginners and low ranking students. If you want to see good demonstrations of Ki-Aikido, keep in contact with the Ki Society and watch for upcoming Taigi exhibitions. There you will see masterful aikido. Also any seminars conducted by Kashiwaya Koichi Sensei. He does a demonstration that will knock your tabi off.
Hi John,

I have looked up Kashiwaya Sensei as well as Yoshigasaki Sensei on YouTube, and I believe both are both highly respected within the Ki Aikido world.

I accept the obvious point that I need to encounter anyone on the tatami to get a full appreciation of what they do. However, although both appear very skilful, I have to echo Carsten Mollering's statement on another current thread: "it is fundamentally different from what I know as aikido".


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