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Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Mary,
I guess when anyone over seventy is still training the person in question might well lack some synovial fluid in their joints.Knowing Mr Ellis well, I can attest to his longevity in Aikido.He is a fine example of a man who tries to protect the heritage of the art.He does not suffer fools gladly and calls it as he sees it. This is sometimes misconstrued by some.I find Mr Ellis quite refreshing and always
enjoy his contributions to the Forum.
Cheers, Joe.
Hi Joe
Its not so much a lack of knee lubricants -- more early signs of rigor mortis ..
There was I thinking I could pretend to be half my age - but there's no foolin Ms Mary with her super keen sensitivities.
Of course one can now see why Ms Mary is so protective of Graham with their own interpretation of Aikido, they appear to share a similar style ( without matching hats ) Who are we humble old timers to argue with a lady who is a `` Certified Master Instructor ``.

Henry Ellis
Aikido in MMA
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