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Re: Why so many Haters of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido?

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Hi Mark

Mr. Tomiki told me the following: "What I studied at that time was Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu, not Aikido. So I don't understand present-day Aikido".

Seems that it was Tomiki himself was quite clear and open about the fact that what he was doing was more akin to Daito Ryu than the new Aikido.
I would agree. But, we have to look at Morihei Ueshiba, too. Ueshiba was doing Daito ryu techniques until he died. He was embodying Daito ryu aiki until he died. The difference being that his spiritual ideology was far different than anyone else. So, if Ueshiba was considered to be doing "aikido" after the war, we must then state that Tomiki was doing "aikido" after the war.

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Nowhere have I read K. Ueshiba explicitly or otherwise state that he thought badly of what Tomiki was doing, more that it was different and suggested a name change to avoid confusion.
Um, you won't find it written down in any printed books. I've read and done enough research from what people have stated and written online that I've just taken it as true that Kisshomaru was not at all pleased with Tomiki. While ever being the true gentleman, Kisshomaru, wouldn't have necessarily outright stated such things, but from the people around him and his actions, it's pretty much a given that Kisshomaru strongly disliked what Tomiki was doing.

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"Together with O'Sensei, I will forever remember Kenji Tomita as an unforgettable benefactor who is deep in our hearts. Perhaps as long as Aikido continues, the practioners of Aikido should offer him heartfelt prayers of appreciation" K. Ueshiba in reference to Tomiki in relation to the second omoto incident.
(A life in Aikido, page 218)

Up to this point, things are good. But, you've confused two people here. Kenji Tomita was the head of the Osaka-Fu Police who saved Ueshiba during the second Oomoto kyo incident. Kisshomaru was referring to him and not to Tomiki.

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