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Re: Why so many Haters of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido?

Robin Boyd wrote: View Post
This isn't an attack on Ki aikido by the way, this is an observation about all styles of aikido that try to differentiate themselves from others. Tomiki aikido includes competition and after a few generations it becomes all about the competition. Nishio aikido focuses on atemi and safe positioning, and after a while that is all that is left to some instructors. Their teachers did all the other stuff, but they didn't necessarily teach it, and so their students never learned it. I'm not saying this happens all time. There are obviously a lot of very good Ki Society/Tomiki/Nishio style instructors.
I believe this is evidence as to why students should expose themselves to a variety of different instructors. My aikido is continuing to change. I do not like suwari waza but I do not leave it out as it does serve a purpose, just as ki exercises, atemi, big flowing movements, and more direct movements and so on.

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