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Re: Why so many Haters of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido?

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I wonder who was doing the straying here, take a look what Tohei had to say about the origin of his four principles
Thank you very much for the link, it's realy valuable! By his sayings i understand that Kissomaru had misunderstood the teachings of o'sensei. O'sensei never said that ki is not important, it is aikido's middle syllable for crying out loud! In that case, it seems that Tohei sensei did the right thing by separating himself. My only objection is that he had to use another name and claim his own tradition. As he said, ki is in the universe, aikido is in the universe and no ki, no aikido, so he was teaching aikido. There is only one universe, only one aikido. Don't get me wrong, i don't belong to the Aikikai. Aikikai is an organisation, aikido is not. It's universal.
As for Tomiki, i don't know your opinion, but in my mind his is not aikido at all...
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