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Re: How do Akikai Aikido students learn about KI?

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I think Robin Boyd answered this question pretty well. I'll add in relation to this and the other thread you started:

I don't think anybody here ‘hates' Ki-Aikido. It might just be that what they see on video, or feel in person, is not very convincing. Tohei was tested (severely -- by aikido standards), and didn't need anything beyond his physical abilities to prove that his aikido ‘worked' (certainly didn't need to defend what he did with words).

Second, this type of thread doesn't help your case. You asked a ‘question', but it's really a loaded question designed to exalt a style while putting down another. Threads like this abound on Aikiweb: Iwama, Tomiki, Ki guys, etc., asking (loaded) questions but really only looking for validation of their own style. Then when you see them move or feel them you find there's nothing utterly superior there, mostly external stylistic differences, all sort of "eh" / "that's it?". Think about it, if any style had a stronghold on ki/kokyu skills, or their waza was truly superior and not just supported by their own ukemi paradigm, people would be flocking to it just like students flocked to Takeda or Ueshiba. But that's not happening isn't it? So being in Tohei's, Tomiki's or Shioda's lineage today guarantees… nothing. Just like being part of the Aikikai umbrella guarantees nothing (good or bad).

If you are really interested in ki/kokyu, as a fellow student I suggest you look past the whole organization/style thing and concentrate on players/exponents. Go out, feel people, both inside and outside your style and inside and outside aikido in general. Perhaps you'll find that some of those in the cutting edge of doing aikido with ki/kokyu are within the Aikikai umbrella. Perhaps you'll find that most aikido today regardless of ‘style' is lacking in some fundamentals. Perhaps a karate guy can pull the best kotegaeshi (with ki/kokyu) that you've felt! The whole ‘hate' accusation reeks of fanboy-ism (as in "y u hatin' on the PS3/Xbox?"). It's better to be pragmatic as that might lead you to the best training and learning.
Some great points sir. Again, my intent was not to say KI Aikido is better than other styles. I just was wondering how other Styles (Aikikai in General) further enhance and develop KI outside of waza. To me it seems with some of the aggressive/uncalled for responses (Szczepan Janczuk in particular/although doing a bit or research from his 900+ posts he has a history of making fun of KI Aikido and being a smart ass in general), to be a sensitive area for some members under the Aikikai umbrella. Can someone give me a honest answer on the topic I started? I'm always interested in learning different methods of developing KI to make my waza more effective. Is there anything that the Aikikai does different that can help me progress even more? That is all I'm asking.

May God bless.


"Aikido can never truly bring peace without the full understanding and application of KI ".
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