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Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

Tim Ruijs wrote: View Post

My comment was not intended to be judgemental. Sorry if it came across like that. Everyone is entitled to their own practise. You made no statement whatsever whether the vids show techniques that are effective, or whatsoever. That is however how my eyes look at Aikido, because that has my interest (there is some material of my teacher Alain Peyrache, should it interest you, perhaps you would like to take a look at it).

I responded to the fact that you yourself said what is shown on the vids is not actual practise. To me that is not consistent: you do Aikido always in the same sense/intention. There is no morning Aikido, evening Aikido, wednesday Aikido, or Aikido just for fun.

BTW I have always wanted to be a bad ass...
Hi Tim.
It's that word 'practice.' A few clips put together for fiends which also add up to about five minutes doesn't give much of a view of overall practice.

Then there's the factor of who the ukemi is which would make for a different image. By the way, my classes usually last abt. 3 hours. You can't really equate me with any standard style for I am independent. I have made statements that the techniques are effective and it is precisely that point that many 'disagree' with.

I will look up some of the vids of the person you mention and if you like even give my opinion.

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