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I'm sure many people would disagree with me on this, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to get tested on time; Human nature being what it is, we do the work, we want to see results, and not only in ability. The belts and levels are established for a reason; we want those belts and levels. I think it's to your credit you've been patient about it and acknowledged that the training itself is more important than advancement of status.

While you're right, your Sensei will tell you when your test comes, I personally don't see anything wrong with respectfully asking him/her if it's coming anytime soon.

If Ontario yoshinkan's anything like Ontario Ki Society Aikido, the reason you may not have been tested yet is because of a distinct lack of Yudansha - our dojos are few and far between; getting enough Yudansha together to test students is a bothersome problem at times. (For instance, we have a Yudansha in Cambridge, another one a couple hours away in Chatham, and one about 4 hours in the other direction; in Kingston. Yeeps!)


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