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Ken McGrew
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Re: Are we really doing O'Senseis Aikido?

Welcome to the Tower of Babel.

Students should do what their sensei tells them to do, or find a new teacher. I'm sure that most live in students of O'Sensei attempted to teach what they learned from him. It's insulting to say they just did their own thing. Despite the best intentions, the question are we doing what O'Sensei would have us do seems appropriate to ask.

I find it frustrating when people claim to be doing the real O'Sensei Aikido and that others are not, and yet they present no evidence rather than verbal accounts where words can mean different things to different teachers.

We are fortunate to have video footage of O'Sensei demonstrating Aikido. We also have footage of his students practicing Aikido under his supervision. We also have statements that O'Sensei himself made. If you ignore O'Sensei's words then perhaps it is you who are not doing O'Sensei's art. Any cursory review of the footage of O'Sensei and his students evidences that O'Sensei was teaching leading, blending, and projecting, and that he expected cooperative ukemi. He was demonstrating and teaching exactly the Aikido and approach to training Aikido that this thread was meant to dismiss as somehow not his Aikido. It's just so through the looking glass to make such arguments.

There is a difference between training "what works" today and training in such a manner, in the system O'Sensei perfected later in life, to eventually approach the higher levels of Aikido. It is a system that allows us to learn what cannot be directly observed and is not merely physical. Do a search of "takemuso" on this forum. Then do a search of "technique." I take that as evidence that the vast majority of contributors to the threads on this forum may not be doing O'Sensei's Aikido. Aikido is not a collection of techniques.
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