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Dear Ernesto,

Here is a small follow-up to my last post, on the subject of language and self-delusion.

Have you seen the film entitled "The Matrix"? I had not paid much attention to this film, but last semester I was teaching a course on the philosophy of language and had got to Descartes, in particular, the part in the "Meditations" where he believes he is in the grip of an evil genius and all the data from the five senses are unreliable. The students all chorussed, " 'The Matrix', what about 'The Matrix'?" So I saw the film, which proved very rewarding. But I have two questions.

(1) Neo continually worries that he is never quite sure whether he is awake or in a dream and when he meets Morpheus and takes the red pill, all his safeguards against self-delusion are gradually torn away, especially in the kung-fu scenes. Any thoughts about this?

(2) The role of language in this film is very primitive, in the sense that the possibilities of language are not exploited at all. Do you think that kotodama has any relevance to the issues which the film attempts to deal with?

Best regards,

P A Goldsbury
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