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Re: Why so many Haters of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido?


Thanks for your honest observations, thoughts and oppinions that made me think. Just want to add some questions for thinking and discussion.

Graham Jenkins wrote: View Post
Off the top off my head: what stood out most was the shiho-nage. When Mr Kalesnikov had folded his arm back, the uke was stood there, in perfect kamae; I never see any kuzushi - his balance is never taken - in the other techniques, either.

Uke is stretched (has his balance broken), hence the throw is easily accomplished.
1. Is visible stretch a must when the Uke's balance is taken?

And as I said: I don't see that connection between nage and uke is important to these people;
2. What is the nature of a connection in Aikido?
3. Is visibility a must for a successful connection?

I might not be very good at aikido - but then, i'm not very good at cricket: but I still know a good shot when I see one.
4. Is it possible for us human to see something invisible?
5. What can we do if we want to get some knowledge of something invisible?

Enjoy Aikido!


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