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Re: 085) Aikido Is Simple, Not Easy: September 2011

Tim Ruijs wrote: View Post
Interesting read. Thanx.

Much of the trouble we have doing a technique is caused by overdoing it. Probably a bit due to our culture (more, longer, higher, faster, stronger is better). Students feel they must do something to get results. All too often when they let go, the teacher says that was really good and they are lost as to why that was any good.

Note to self: find way to integrate these exercises in class

I honestly believe that part of this over-responsive tendency is hard-wired into how we use our controllable musculature. Take any paired muscle system. Tension in one of the muscle groups causes a reactive response in the complimentary muscle group. It takes a lot of time and patience to re-wire our bodies so as to to engage in that reactive-response feedback loop. The attacker's "operating system" has the proverbial monkey wrench thrown into it when we do not engage in that feedback system. That is where the beauty of Aikido begins to emerge.

Thank you to everybody for the positive responses to this blog. In the US, have a happy and safe holiday weekend. I might even get my electricity restored at my house in time for the holiday weekend (consequence of the hurricanes damage in NY). What a thought......


Marc Abrams
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