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Re: How do Akikai Aikido students learn about KI?

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
Hi Szczepan -

Ok, so let me get this straight. One of your test requirements for shodan is to have the person testing go out, somehow get violently attacked on the street and throw the attacker without touching him. Is that about right?

That would make a helluva YouTube clip.


Hi Ron,
First of all, discussing about KI in Spiritual part of forum must be some kind of cruel joke. It clearly means that Ed has no idea what spirituality means, even if he sign his post with a lot of God blessing.

Also, Ed, from what he is writing here is deeply convinced, that Ki Aikido is not muscling techniques, while all aikido world happily do it. It is a variation of old pattern "my style is better than your style". And what are the bases for his statement? Watching YT videos and practice in 1 or 2 aikido dojo. How ridicule it is? It is as ridicule as my post to him.

Of course he understood nothing at all. That's life. One day 10 years old girl will kick his ass, may be such terrific and scary event will destroy his fantasy about KI Aikido as an effective way to learn self defense.

Or maybe not -- and for the rest of his life he will remain convinced that it was only possible because she muscled her technique hahahahahaha


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