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Re: Effective udekimenage against resistance

David Santana wrote: View Post
in my experience from getting thrown by Sensei is that the most effective variation of udekimenage is by moving your whole body (or mainly the hip) toward uke with your upper arm somewhere between uke's upper arm and elbow. also make sure that uke's hand is straight, not bent. and when you throw him, use your hip. I had it done to me a few times and the result is quite satisfying. the forward projection I got was a big one.. I don't know if it was just my instinct to ukemi but I did.
There is no such thing as the one most effective way to do any particular technique. Uke may change so the technique Nage started with is no longer appropriate. Even if it is possible to do a given technique it will always be necessary to feel what is happening and make subtle changes within the technique in order for it "to work" in the dynamic relationship with a given Uke at a particular moment. There are many good ways to perform Udekimenage and Uke must move between these variations in a fluid manner in order for the technique, or any technique, to "work."

Having said this the approach described here does not sound like a particularly good one. It seems to reveal an approach to Aikido in which Nage does Aikido to Uke. Ai Ki Do is "the art of absolute non resistance." Please read up on the concept of takemuso aiki. Please watch videos of O'Sensei. He wasn't forcing techniques. Thus the name and everything he said cut against the idea of an overly mechanical approach to Aikido.
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