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Re: Why so many Haters of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido?

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By your logic, you should disagree that there exists such a thing as aikido at all. It´s just Daito Ryu,
O'sensei studied daito-ryu and from that he created a system to teach the martial ways of the samurai, in a modern world where the samurai did not exist anymore. So the change from "jutsu" to "do" is valid, for aikido is a martial art for self-defence, self-developement and not for military purposes. It can be studied by anyone. Yet, techniqually is almost the same as daito ryu, is the goal and the purpose and the choice of not harming your attacker that was o'sensei's contribution. So, this is aikido, there is no other tradition. One can have his personal style up to a certain point (no need for another name though), but if you stray to much, it is not aikido anymore.
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