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Re: Why so many Haters of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido?

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Been noticing quite a bit of dissension towards KI Aikido on this forum. Why is that? Is it because many preceive it as ineffective or is it just because of the big split with Tohei Sensei from the Aikikai? I've never understood this in the Aikido community. Please explain. Should I go to another style? Can't KI Aikido be street effective?

May God bless!

IMO, most people who dismiss Ki Aikido do not understand and/or believe in Ki - they view it simply as a mental component like intent or will power. In addition to this, they have probably viewed or had experience with someone from Ki Aikido who thought they understood ki, but really did not and could not express it probably.

IMO, ki/chi is controlled by mental intent but it is an entity of its own and acts as the bridge from the mental to the physical; like in Mind and Body coordination. To express proficient Aiki, this must be understood and worked on - Ueshiba knew this as well as other high level students of Takeda.

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