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Re: Why so many Haters of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido?

Can you give us some examples?

Personally I have seen good and bad examples in most styles. When I move to a new place and choose a new dojo (which I have done a few times) I tend to choose the teacher and the training environment that I like best out of the available options, and not necessarily the teacher who does the style that I am used to. This has led to my aikido getting a bit mixed up, but it has also been very interesting.

I would have no problem training at a Ki Society dojo, as long as I liked the instructor and the training environment. For example, I live fairly close to where Maruyama sensei (ex Ki Society) trains, and I might have ended up training with him except for the fact that I would not be able to get to his training on time because of my work commitments.
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