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Re: Neutralizing.

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
so positive is the new definition for neutral? so what is the new definition for the old positive? what about the old negative, would that be neutral, since everything sort of move up the scale a notch.

just curious, why would one not want to feel negative emotions? i meant, without hate, how do you know what love is? without anger, how do you know what calm? without women, can there be men? without alcohol, how do we know what is drunk? without cabbage and bean, how can we know what is ki?
Hi Phi.
Positive isn't the definition of it, just the action of it. One thing I do smile at sometimes is indeed the use of the word positive. Positive action, affirmative action. Commonly used to do something harmful.

So yes I do smile at these things for I see determined negative actions, determined or even enthusiastic negative actions so to me they are not positive.

Why would one not want to feel negative emotions? Because they negate. Come on now you don't like feeling uncomfortable do you?
This doesn't mean run away from them it means face them with non-resistance but the funny thing is if you actually do that they dissipate. Here's another funny thing, if you face good emotions with non-resistance they grow.

From my view you do not need one thing to recognise another. That's a fallacy which unfortunately many believe. When you experience the taste of cabbage you then know the taste of cabbage. No comparisons needed although you can do so as a mental exercise if you wish. If all you had ever met were men then you would know what a man is. No comparisons available in that example.

There will be no doubt some people on this planet who have never experience hate yet they may be well aware of love. (lucky so and so) On the other hand unfortunately there will be some who have experienced hate and are well aware of it yet have never experienced love. More in that last category I would suspect.

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