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Re: Neutralizing.

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
so positive is the new definition for neutral? so what is the new definition for the old positive? what about the old negative, would that be neutral, since everything sort of move up the scale a notch.

just curious, why would one not want to feel negative emotions? i meant, without hate, how do you know what love is? without anger, how do you know what calm? without women, can there be men? without alcohol, how do we know what is drunk? without cabbage and bean, how can we know what is ki?
Hi Phi,

without women, men would be drunk most of the time, we'd be beating the crap out of each other, for much of it, in between eating plenty of beans and cabbage, producing and expelling loads of ki, because there would be no women around to remind us how disgusting we were.



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