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Re: Neutralizing.

Tim Ruijs wrote: View Post
This is why I responded to Graham. When you ignore something, that something does not disappear, but is still very part of you as a whole. And like you said may still affect you, knowingly or not knowing.
In the meantime he has responded, but I do not think I fully understand his position/view yet.
I can relate to higher level concentration(awareness) moving emotion aside temporarily. Evidence can be found in the fact that people are overwelmed by emotions after helping victims/casualties in war/accidents. At the time of need they act, but afterwards the body/soul drains....
Hi Tim,

IMHO higher level awareness, does not move emotion aside, it is above the emotion, not in it. It sees the emotion for what it is, a temporary state which is passing though our being. This level of awareness allows action to be taken, that is not driven by the emotion itself. It is relatively easy to attain and maintain this level of awareness, when the emotions are mild to middling. For most of us, mastering this, is just like becoming fairly competent aikidoka. We can do it, as long as the pressure doesn't get too great.

Mastery (which I am a long way off of, by the way), is when powerful emotions as you describe, are experienced. And higher level awareness is still maintained and 'right' actions are taken, despite the emotion.

Most of us get sucked from the higher level, down into the raging fire of the emotion itself.We then experience it from the inside out. This is where we act from, and the results are what they are. They can be seen as good or bad, if you wish to engage in dualistic thinking.

Powerful emotions drive people to do unspeakably horrific things to each other. Great drivers being fear and greed (and greed is driven by fear anyway). The only way for us as humans to create less mayhem in the world, is for each and every one of us, to engage in whatever practice we can find that works for us, that raises our level of awareness. Then we may see our emoyions for what they are, and we can then maybe we can act with neutrality/equanimity/compassion/love.



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