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Re: Neutralizing.

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
Ok, back up this train. I am confused. So Graham is defining this new term, "active non-resistence." Fine. And in defining this term, he claims that active non-resistence is a neutral perspective. Then we get a couple more of his posts and he then says that we need to remove negative emotions:

So how can this attitude actually be neutral state of mind? Aren't we now creating a positive state of mind? That's fine if that is what you are saying, but it is not neutral.
IF we remove from our emotive state some list of subjectively identified emotions, how that create a neutral state of mind? It cannot.

What about all of the good intentions that are paving the way to hell? What about the blame that we were only trying to help? What about all of the poor decisions that result from good feelings? Your argument is decidedly one-sided and closed, contrary to the very premise of your advocation.

How can we express compassion or empathy for others if we only experience positive emotions? How can we be motivated to justice if we do not experience outrage? How can we understand joy if we have not felt sadness?

This is ying and yang. Our emotions are designed to help us act. Some emotions are not enjoyable feelings, that does not make them negative or bad. Some emotions may be foundational for poor decisions, that does not make them bad.

Advocate moderation of emotions. Advocate an open perspective. Advocate a stillness of the mind. Whatever. But I echo mary's post, you need to figure out what you are saying.
Hi Jon.
What I say may be new to you or different to how some look at things but I have figured out what I'm saying thank you. Granted, explaining it over the web in words is a challenge.

For instance I did say state of being, not state of mind, although the best state of mind will also be there with it.

Neutral I said is active not passive and therefore it is positive.

Good intentions paving the way to hell is a stupid saying probably made by someone justifying their own failures or maybe even to keep others negative, who knows. Good intentions are part of the path to heaven obviously but it takes more than just intention.

Compassion and empathy come from love my friend, a supremely positive emotion. Experience joy and you'll know how you can experience it and you don't need to compare it to anything.

I think you will find even in your own Aikido if you allow yourself to get upset or angry or raging then you lose your perspective, concentration, sense, sensibility, and generally get dumped. Watch any professional boxing etc.

Aikido or any martial art teaches you not to be led by your negative emotions, it's a major part of the martial aspect I think you'll find. It therefore could be carried into daily life.

I understand many people love holding on to their negative emotions, very unwise in my view.

So excuse me but I will carry on advocating positive emotions only along with the spirit of joy etc. Even if I feel down my responsibility is to enjoy the feeling and thus move through it.

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