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Re: Neutralizing.

Tim Ruijs wrote: View Post
Thanks Graham.

While being in that apathic state of mind, emotions can no longer control/affect you which allows you to have good judgement on a given situation and respond accordingly. Thing is, when you practise this it ultimately changes you as a person. How would this affect you normal daily life? Would others on some day say that you have no emotion, they have no clue how you really feel?
Or would this state always be something you can enter and leave at will (which I think btw)?
Hi Tim.
I do not mean an apathetic state of mind. Apathy to me is a very low, down emotion. Neutrality is far from inert, it is alive and vibrant.

I've mentioned non-control etc but now I will add that it is also part of concentration.

When studying you are concentrating, free of negative emotion. In fact if negative emotion comes along then you can't study properly can you. You know why? Negative does or attempts to do something and that is negate. Thus it negates your efforts.

If you are non-resisting it cannot get in the way, this is the power of neutral.

When you study and especially when you practice the sword the state of mind you are after is neutral also. It's not a predictive state of mind. Yet it is very alive and yet immovable,

Remember also that I said by using this state of mind you 'neutralize' negative emotions and at the same time this allows positive emotions in. So when you're good enough you can concentrate fully and at the same time have fun, experience joy, view with compassion. All interdependant, natural.

Now to confuse you (or not) even more I will say to you I can personally equate it also with center line. When facing a sword I am merely a center line. Thus there is no rush, no defending my body for all I protect is center line. I protect my non-resistance, my neutrality.

Respectfully. G.
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