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Re: How do Akikai Aikido students learn about KI?

Ed Duffy wrote: View Post
Just coureous, how Akikai Aikido practioners learn the concept of KI? How do you learn to extend KI in a technique as compared to muscling thru it? Watching many Aikido videos (Akikai Style) and it just seems to me that they are muscling thru the techniques. Yet, when I watch O'sensei's later videos before his death, he isn't using the pure physical aspect. How does a Akikai student learn how to apply KI? Can you develop this outside of just doing the waza? Thanks and may God bless!

Hi Ed,
We in Aikikai learn KI by illumination (other names are : satori or direct experience of Highest Reality). When extending our KI, we can throw aggressive and violent attacker on the street without actually touching him. This is actual default test requirement for shodan (1 degree black belt)

Can you do it? If not you, can anybody in Ki Aikido style do it? If you can do that, could you present it on video please? So we can see if you are not muscling the technique.

You can also present on video your normal dojo practice, I want to make sure you are not muscling the technique on daily basis.


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