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Re: Using Ki. Ki-atsu.

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Someone asked me the other day where I learned that 'healing thing' I do and it got me wondering. I learned Ki-atsu in Aikido many years ago and now am very confident in my use of it but for some reason I've never really considered how many Aikido people do it?

So I suddenly had a few interesting questions I'd like to ask. Personally I've found it to be amazing for Ki developement and indeed reality so it led me to wan't to ask the following:

1) Does anyone personally do Ki-atsu and would like to say in what way it helps them in Aikido?

2) Does anyone have any personal experience of Ki-atsu and would like to share it?

Having studied Shin Shin Toistu Aikido since 1994 (not very long by any stretch of the imagination), I have gone through Ki-atsu classes and was shown how to extend your KI to someone else, on specific body parts that may be injured or strained. From my experience, you are extending KI to the injuried part of the body, to regenerate that person's own KI in that injuried area. However, repeated kiatsu treatment can lead to that person becoming healed. Again, from my experience, you extending Ki to another thru kiatsu, brings there own Ki back up to its normal level, so the normal healing process can start. It isn't some miricle cure, it just diverts the energy from that person's spirit (which is where KI generates from) to the area most affected by ailment or injury.

I think the best way to see if it really works, is trying it on someone who will give you their honest/innocent feelings on whether it works or not. My daughter, injured her leg when she fell down one day while playing on the steps (what is it with kids and steps anyway). I started applying kiatsu to the area she said hurt. After about a minute I asked her if it felt better, she stated "yes". In the end it does help your Aikido by further developing "How" to extend KI. When you get the positive feedback after doing Kiatsu on someone, it reaffirms what your sensei has been telling you all along; Ki extension is real energy guiding your movement and your opponents movement. The hard part is learning to extend Ki in everything you do, not just in the dojo training or when performing kiatsu.

However, before you start immersing yourself in kiatsu, I would recommend getting the basic KI breathing priciples down before venturing into kiatsu. One step at a time grasshopper.

May God bless!


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"Aikido can never truly bring peace without the full understanding and application of KI ".
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