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Re: Developing the Aikido Eye.

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Thanks Ed.
Better not go too far down the religion path it's too non-sensical no matter which religion. There again the same applies in most areas of life. It just shows that us Humans ain't too bright.

A very simplistic approach yet one that can be quite eye opening is that many are more interested in the identity rather than any expected action. All important image.

One small detail abt. me though, although I understand and use much of Toheis teachings I have never been a member of the Ki Federation it'self. I was fortunate to find a teacher who independently taught from those principles though.

That is cool that you linked up with someone who taught Tohei Sensei's principles. Tohei Sensei did pretty much formalize and expand even further then O' Sensei did on the development of KI. Yet in the overall Aikido community, many dismiss his teachings and his style of Aikido altogether. It is truly a shame. Where O' Sensei left off when it comes to the application of KI, Tohei Sensei exbounded even further and in even more detail how to develop it. To this day it still confuses me why the Aikikai dismissed him. They had everything to learn and really nothing to lose. It is funny in a way. The art of peace and harmony, didn't help in this case. Human pride can be a bad thing sometimes.

May God bless!


"Aikido can never truly bring peace without the full understanding and application of KI ".
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