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Re: Developing the Aikido Eye.

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This is a personal thread which may or may not be supported in writing by others. I call it a process of developement in Aikido until an attack of any kind looks simple to you.

To achieve this you must start seeing Aikido from the viewpoint of motion and harmonizing with motion. No more, no less.

When someone attacks with tsuki then all I see is a motion of energy. Energy coming straight through. When someone attacks with yokomen then I am seeing a circle or curve of energy.

Energy and motion, harmonizing with it, Aikido.

You have energy coming at you and a body in motion. If you focus or get wrapped up in the physical body then you will miss the truth of Aikido.

With this study of energy and motion comes about the awareness of the geometry of Aikido. Natural paths of energy.

With this study of energy and motion you become aware of the sources of the energy, centre, hara, one point, koshi, kokyu.

With this study of energy and motion you will become aware of the source, the true you and the the true other person with whom you are training. Devoid of identity, devoid of illusory differences.

Thus Aikido is a path back to truth. The harmonious motions of life.

Thus you discover harmonious motions, harmonious actions, harmonious intentions, harmonious being.

In the world of sounds this would be called music. In the world of moving to music this would be called dance. In the world of work this would be called organization. In the world of martial arts this would be called Aikido.

The path to peace, the meeting of heaven and earth. A devine martial art.

Well said sir. Projection of KI and marrying your projection with the attackers energy is something that can be done, but I think a deeper understanding of KI outside the physical application of waza is needed. KI breathing increases this flow and instills the calmness needed to truly become one with a attacker, yet many (not all) Aikidoka outside of the KI Society don't touch on this deeper understanding and application of KI development and training, to the extent that would allow for this deeper understanding.

Just developing KI through the application of the different waza techniques, isn't enough (you can only go so far this way). As many Aikidoka want to say they are farmiliar with KI through the physical application of Aikido techniques, they still remain very unsure and confused when asked to explain the princlpe of KI, outside of waza applications. Yet, to truly understand the principles of KI, you must understand the daily applications of KI extension in all activities, not just doing Aikido. Many Aikidoka will say, "Yes we know this", yet don't apply it in their daily lives. I often wonder, why they don't. In comparison, it reminds me of what I see as a Christian. I talk to many who say they are Christians, yet never pick up the Holy Bible to seek a deeper understanding of God's word. Again I ask, "WHY"?

May God Bless!

"Aikido can never truly bring peace without the full understanding and application of KI ".
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