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Re: Neutralizing.

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
I really enjoyed that, Mary! Thank you.

Hi Graham,

I really like this part! I have very nearly always found that when I operate with genuine care for people, working with them ( ), I am far more successful. To my mind it's very practical and I get the sense that I'm paying more attention since I'm paying attention to more of the whole. In some cases, it seems as if a whole new set of options presents itself.
Sometimes I get the sense that if people would simply try to get along, the goal itself could make it happen. One of the most important things I learned from my experience with depression was the idea that happiness/pleasure/emotion in general operates within the realm of choice. Like everything pertaining to the body, it's a matter of conditioning the self.
Whatever you're doing at any given time, you're reinforcing an effect upon the body. People often talk about training constantly as if it's something you can choose to do. I would argue we're always training, it's just that some folks realize this more than others. This is why Aikido, I believe, can be described authentically as a way of life: it addresses this idea of self-improvement through continuous training.
...Not to say everyone needs to one-stop shop at the Aikido store, just that for those who do, I think it makes perfect sense.
Glad you liked it Matthew.
It's a thing for me I practice every day also in all situations, work or where ever. Of course just as you're doing great with it the universe has an unerring way of presenting you with something or someone to throw you out of kilter but such is the way to learn our next lesson.

I agree with all you say above, thank you.

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