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Thank you Bronson, Chuck, Bruce, Ted and Peter.

For the record, language is not an issue for me. For a period when I studied abroad aikido's first language made me quite comfortable and I would never want to learn the terms in any other language than japanese.

That language, or any other, is floating around the planet with many others, in this medium and others. Aikido's connection to it's birth country will become less and less inportant. We have to understand the the players, the egoists, the gerrymanders and occasional aspirant within the historical context.

I just wonder to what degree can the art can be separated from Japanese culture and remain Aikido.

I really don't care. I want my teachers to cut to the truth, and give me the juice. No games. But I have to understand what they're saying.

No lame uke's "I'll fall because if if I don't I'll make Nage look like an ass" my sensei is super-human-powered-bullsh*t either.
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