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Bruce Baker
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I guess, now that I getting physically better, I should test and get the kyu grades behind me for Aikido. It would fairer to the younger generation who don't know the tree is also gentle. You are right Jun, and it is rather humbling to have teachers from other schools go with you in seminars, and have a great practice ... only to find out their students are fawning over their teacher at classes end. I definiitely get strange looks from the kyu ranks with hakama's, but older practitioners and most teachers really enjoy throwing the big guy about, especially when I laugh as I get up asking for more please. I compare it to being married. If you can't be married with the ring off, how can you be married with the ring on. You either are, or you aren't. The same should really apply to all practitioners, you either are practicing with everyone, or you aren't. Not very Aiki, but maybe we can continue to change that attitude.
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