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Mario Tobias
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Re: Pompous Baffoons

You will always encounter difficult people in a dojo.

The thing is the more you think of the person, the more it annoys you and the more it intrudes into your once peaceful life. When this happens, you start LOSING to the other person.

How I deal with it is to take a deep breath, forget and let it go. I would take the higher road. I will not permit myself to have my day or even a second of my day ruined by something like this. I've got more important problems to resolve.

If you have the unfortunate chance that you train with him, accept that you can learn from everybody but filter the information. You can always filter out useless information (which is the most likely situation here). Similarly, you always have the power to filter out unwanted thoughts no matter how bad or uncomfortable the situation is. You cant change others but you can change yourself.

Don't let a memory of this person take an iota of space in your brain. Take deep breaths and let go. Usually, it would turn out ok for both you and the other person....especially for you.

Sometimes, the fight is not physical ....but mental, think about it.

best of luck

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