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Re: Pompous Baffoons

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Thanks everyone. I do try to breathe and let it go, this guy really got to me and I just couldn't find the balance or harmony.
I will strive to be a better person - that is the Aiki way - but he is still a pompous baffoon!
Eh, never mind being a "better person". Never mind the "Aiki way". Those sound to me like "supposed to" things, like you feel you're supposed to do it. Your response to the situation should be authentic and should come from your true self, not from a contrived image of what an aikidoka is supposed to be like.

Of course, being authentic doesn't mean having zero impulse control. It doesn't mean that you just let fly with anything you want to say or do. Your response to the situation should neither be shooting from the hip, nor selections from the Book of Aikido Platitudes. Think instead about why the situation annoys you. The useful truth is probably somewhere other than either "because he's a jerk (he's bad, blame him)" and "because I'm just not aiki enough (I'm bad, blame me)". Figure out the truth of the situation, then figure out the best response to it.
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