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Re: Pompous Baffoons

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I need to vent and would like some feedback. There is a Snooty, Pompous Baffoon that keeps showing up at our Dojo. Uninvited and completely unwelcome by me and other students. Not at the regular classes, but at special classes and functions. He corrects other students when training (regardless of rank) and thinks he knows everything.He has ruined Aikido for me and I want to tell him to stop coming to our Dojo, but Sensei won't let me.
I know that this sounds like kindergarten but this bozo is and idiot and seems to be completely unaware that NOBODY likes him or wants to train with him.
I see him at seminars and avoid him - I just NEVER want to see him come to our Dojo again. What do I do?????
It seems like homeboy is showing up at special classes only? Maybe they are open seminar style class? Sadly you have to deal with real jerks sometimes at open seminars. If what he is "teaching" on the mat is wrong than stop his technique and counter him. It isn't fair to him to let him go on thinking his stuff works when it doesn't. That makes you dishonest and you rob him of his chance to improve.

After a kenjutsu class I was showing a few of the kenjutsu guys some aikijujutsu because a few of them had never done an unarmed martial art before (I had my kenjutsu teacher's permission). We had a visitor watch the class. Mid 20's, fit, wearing an Israeli Special Forces shirt. He said he just came back from Israel so I'm thinking the guy might actually know something. Anyway, we were doing our thing and he comes over and asks about it after seeing our techniques. He said he knew some wrist locks he'd show me (acting kind of brazen). At this point I'm thinking "uh oh what is this guy thinking?" So he tells me to grab his shirt and he tries to do the lamest kotegaeshi I've ever felt. I stood there looking at him like he had two heads. He turned red and looked very confused. Because I can be a nice guy sometimes (it's rare) I tried to change the topic a little and asked if he learned martial arts in the Israeli army, pointing at his shirt. He said he just picked up the shirt at a store while he was over there visiting family he's never been in any army. We never saw him again. Maybe that was my fault.

Another similar story... When I was training Daito-ryu years ago at another dojo we had a visitor from another branch of Daito-ryu (I won't say which branch) come by to check us out. He had a shodan in their branch (I think I was a shodan too). After class he started talking about how in his branch they do it a certain way that is easier, smaller movements, less energy, real aiki etc. One of my fellow students who is known for an unforgiving attitude asked if he can do it like he says. The guys said yeah. My buddy says ok do it to him, pointing to me. Same results as above. I stood there, he looked confused and turned red. Then we heard some excuses about he hasn't trained in a few months and he needed to check with some videos to see what he's doing wrong etc. We never saw the guy again even though he promised he'd check the video of his teacher and come back and show us I has since started my own club about 5 years later so maybe he came back and I just wasn't there?

Results may vary. It worked for me though. No one got hurt but some egos.

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