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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

Yannis Mousoulis wrote: View Post
...You "agree" with his attack and you overextend it, thus breaking his ballance without using extra force.
I don't think this describes how my aikido works.
We tend to stay on the line. We connect to uke, to his center, to his structure.
We don't throw by overextending uke. But we do kuzushi by affecting the structure of his body by this connection.

This video may give an impression of what I mean.

The same applies to the avoidance of a punch or a kick.You "sweep" what's coming in the same direction that the attack was going(no blocking), while simultaniously you make sure that you are not there anymore.
Another example. I'm not sure whether the way we try to do it the way you understand it.

And at last another video, which may be charcteristic for us.
We don't avoid the attack, but often go right into it and cut through it.

When looking at those videos: Ist that aikido in your eyes?
At least both teachers are well recognized shihan of the aikikai. Do they meet your "standart"?

And do you think this will lead to the same spirituality / philosophy ?
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