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Re: Pompous Baffoons

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I need to vent and would like some feedback. There is a Snooty, Pompous Baffoon that keeps showing up at our Dojo. Uninvited and completely unwelcome by me and other students. Not at the regular classes, but at special classes and functions. He corrects other students when training (regardless of rank) and thinks he knows everything.He has ruined Aikido for me and I want to tell him to stop coming to our Dojo, but Sensei won't let me.
I know that this sounds like kindergarten but this bozo is and idiot and seems to be completely unaware that NOBODY likes him or wants to train with him.
I see him at seminars and avoid him - I just NEVER want to see him come to our Dojo again. What do I do?????
At the dojo where I used to train at we had a former student who had moved to California to study Aikido with Steven Seagal and on his visits home he would visit our dojo and do the exact same thing. Sensei said to deal with it so when he would correct me I totally ignored him and did it the way I was being taught. After a short while he would not practice with me at all.

Another previous student would show up at practice randomly and want to practice only the things he was working on himself in his basement dojo regardless what Sensei was having us practice on. Again I totally ignored him and did what Sensei said. After awhile he quit practicing with me.

Ignore him.

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