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Re: Belt color importance

Some people are uncomfortable with receiving instruction. At least at your home dojo, you can assess which students are open to suggestion and comment. I always phrase it from the point of view of what I am feeling as uke...and make suggestions that "hey, that feels great, but i think if you pushed a little further this way it would drop me straight to the basement!" ...or something like that. Some people don't like suggestions even that I don't provide any to them unless asked for. When the same happens to me, I always try to listen to the person giving me advice, even if they are junior, or maybe do not put as much effort and sacrifice intor their training as I do...I feel you can always learn; whether its how/why to do something or how/why not to do something. I feel most people offering suggestion have the best of intentions, my encounters with people just wanting to hear themselves talk, or seeking to make themselves feel relevant...that's a bit of a rareity, and it saddens me when I encounter it.

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