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Re: Tracking your training hours

In regard to the original post;
at my school we track training hours as we have a sheet with all the students and its someone's responsibility to ensure attendance is taken at every class. Likewise the requirements to attend seminars, instructors courses, or simply having some contact with the regional, national, and international heads is recorded and meets promotional requirements.

While some may argue this is simply a way to encourage seminar participation and earn money for the organization, I would argue this helps with quality control and allows the most senior members of the organization to interact with, and train, the more serious students...hence the more rank someone achieves, the more requirements placed on them. I feel that its fine if a student is content with training once or twice a week and never really attending seminars. I also feel those, or any student, should 'auto-pass' their rank examinations or achieve higher levels of rank without actually showing some dedication and relevant skill. If one becomes a third dan, and their journey to being third dan has required little dedication, sacrifice, or effort....well, I just dont agree with that.

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