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Re: Tracking your training hours

Diaries do the job for me...I can't recall even a fraction of what I did playing football..just a few old newspaper cuttings. Didn't want to lose memories in same way with Aikido...and I knew as soon as I started I was here for life.

When I started Aikido I asked my instructor what books to read...he said write your own. Further encouragement to make good notes.

Through my diaries over last 20 years I've recorded so much about highs, lows, special events, special people, my mistakes, others mistakes and of course times and dates practiced.

I even wrote a book...but thankfully keep it secret.

For everyone I think writing notes away from tatami, extends the practice and makes you think about it so you progress in understanding rather than just in the physical.

As an instructor ...records of good classes ,,,and mistakes are also useful.


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