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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Well, there's simple, and then there's simplistic. I'm having a hard time seeing your approach as being any different from just guzzling down the Koolade without questioning the content. You sound more like a cult member than a critical thinker. Aikido is not a cult -- please stop making it into one.

Once again, you may end up at the correct answer, but if so, IMO you're doing it purely by accident. The logic that a student who criticizes a teacher must be a bad student is just a bogus as the logic that a teacher whose students aren't all outstanding is a bad teacher.
I'll excuse the first paragraph as it sounds like the reverse to me.

The critical mind saves one from taking responsibility for their own actions. A bad student blames the book or the noise or something other than themselves. Simple.

When you are as good as your teacher then you may, just may have the right to criticise. No escape from that truth I'm afraid.

But if you believe that then so be it. Don't sound very martial to me.

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