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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

... and still something else about language and using of words ...

Anita Dacanay wrote: View Post
... I do think that the fine point of not confusing "religion" with "spirituality" is a very important one. ...
After reading some posts again it comes to my mind, that the word "spirituality" seems to have a different meaning in english, than it has in german.

In my context you couldn't split "spirituality" from "religion". Simply because spirituality is defined as one of the manifold manifestations of religion.
In a broader sense spirituality can be seen as a way of practicing the conection with the divine. (With no determination of what/which divine is meant.) Or with the supernatural or transcendency or ...

So what ist called spirituality in German can be clearly distinguished from institutionalised forms of religion, like certain churches or temples or communities. But it can not be separated from religion as a such. Because it is a part of it.

To be honest I think, Ueshiba Morihei also didn't see spirituality unconnected to the cerain religions he had in mind when talking or writing about this issue.

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