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Re: Dojo First Aid Kit

We do tameshigiri at our dojo so I just bought some trauma kits that have a blood clotting agent called Celox, along with a nifty thing called an "Israeli Battle Dressing".

If you research Quick Clot you'll find that one of the reasons that you hope to never use it is because it contains a substance that causes burns. It cauterizes the wound, and to add insult to injury it also needs to be removed from the wound because the body won't absorb it. The stuff that the military gets now uses a different ingredient that doesn't get as hot, so doesn't cause burns, but that is not the version that is available to the general public. Nice huh?

The Celox doesn't get hot, it works through an entirely different process, and the body will absorb any that is left in the wound.

And no, I don't own stock in the company... :-)

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