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Re: Cross training with Hapkido? Any advice?

Hello Mat! I have expressed my opinion about cross-training in other threads as well but i will do it again here,and i hope that you will take it under consideration because from what i see it's not a mainstream point of view. Aikido is a complete martial art with certain basic principles. There are also other fine martial arts, but their principles are different, so in my opinion, one should never, ever cross-train in martial arts. There is only one aikido and that is the complete aikido with immobilizations, projections, joint manipulations, atemi waza, weapons, all of those are part of aikido training. So if you think that your teacher doesn't practice them, find another aikido dojo. The only cross training that would benefit your aikido skills is iai-do, because aikido's roots are in japanese swordmanship. But only if you can find an iai-do system with the same posture and te-sabaki as aikido.Of course all of the above reflect my personal opinion and the way i practice, but are based on objective facts.
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